Dry sauna

What functions does the dry sauna controller have?


  • Stove operation control
  • Fan operation control
  • Switching on/off the lighting
  • Operation of aromatherapy dispenser
  • Temperature control with an accuracy of 1°C
  • Operating time control with an accuracy of 1 minute
  • Adjustable hysteresis value 1-6°C
  • Real time clock
  • Delayed activation of the sauna for up to 24 hours
  • Error modes
  • Sound signals
  • Thermal (fire) protection

Dry sauna controllers


Our offer is based on controllers for the dry sauna, also known as the Finnish sauna. It is one of the most popular solutions among the owners of SPA & Wellness zones and private individuals. Dry saunas are made of wood and have stoves that generate temperatures up to 110°C, which allows not only to relax, but also to remove harmful toxins from the body.


Thanks to the sauna controllers available in our offer, you will be able to control the operation of the stove and fan, precisely regulate the temperature and operating time, and even use the sound signals or thermal protection. All this will ensure maximum comfort of using the sauna.