Smart PG

Smart PG – a measuring device for paraglider propulsion systems


FFES offers advanced technological solutions such as the Smart PG, a reliable measuring device for paragliding propulsion systems, which is designed to help paragliders in piloting. This is possible thanks to the control of engine and ambient conditions, which increases the level of comfort and flight safety.


The Smart PG paraglider device is a set of sensors and a module that communicates with the “FFES Smart PG” app via Bluetooth, sending key data and indicators directly to your smartphone. It will be an essential piece of equipment for any pilot who wants to enjoy an uninterrupted flight.


Why rely on the Smart PG paragliding device?


The Smart PG is, on the one hand, a device that allows the monitoring of the engine, the ambient and head temperature or the fuel level, and on the other hand, it is a navigation device for the paraglider that allows the use of Google maps. Moreover, it can read flight direction, speed and direction of the wind, and even climb or descent speed. This ensures maximum flight control and provides essential assistance for both beginners and experienced paragliders.


This modern paragliding device allows you to read key information on your smartphone – it is compatible with Android 5.1. What’s more, it has excellent endurance characteristics – the IP65 rating makes Smart GP resistant to water and other negative external influences.



  • Engine speed measurement
  • Ambient temperature measurement
  • Head / cooler temperature measurement
  • Flue gas temperature measurement (additional option)
  • Fuel level measurement
  • Measurement of engine running time
  • Height measurement from a set point
  • Measurement of the ascent / descent speed
  • Ground speed measurement
  • Measurement of the designated / travelled distance
  • Measurement of overload affecting the pilot
  • Reading wind speed and direction
  • Reading the direction of flight
  • Navigation with Google map.
  • Cooperation with Android and IOS

Technische Daten

PowerLi-ion 18650 2200 mAh battery
Battery operation / charging time~210h/~3,5h
CHT / CT temperature0oC - 1024oC
EGT temperature0oC - 1024oC
Fuel levelIndications: 0-6
Sensor length: 250; 275; 300; 350 mm
Module dimensions120x80x31mm
Protection gradeIP65
Operating Temperature
-10oC - 60oC
Minimum hardware/software requirements for a smartphoneBluetooth 4.1, Android 5.0.2
Optimal hardware/software requirements for a smartphoneBluetooth 4.1, Android 5.0.2, Barometer, Accelerometer / Gyroscope, GPS, LTE