Wet sauna

What functions does the wet sauna controller have?


  • Stove operation control
  • Fan operation control
  • Switching on/off the lighting
  • Operation of aromatherapy dispenser
  • Controlling humidity
  • Temperature control with an accuracy of 1°C
  • Humidity measurement
  • Operating time control with an accuracy of 1 minute
  • Adjustable hysteresis value 1-6°C
  • Delayed activation of the sauna for up to 24 hours
  • Error modes
  • Sound signals
  • Thermal (fire) protection

Wet sauna controllers


In our offer you will find controllers for the wet sauna, which comes from ancient Rome and, in addition to the stove, also has a steam generator. The temperature in such a sauna usually ranges from 70 to 90°C, and thanks to the higher air humidity (up to 39%), it not only effectively removes toxins, but also relaxes the body, reduces muscle tension and relaxes the mind.


Our sauna controllers will allow you to regulate both temperature and humidity. What is more, they will allow you to operate the aromatherapy dispenser, switch on and off the lighting or adjust the hysteresis value. In this way, they make it possible to create perfect conditions for everyday rest.



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