Smart PG

Smart PG is a measuring device used in paramotor. The task of Smart PG is to help pilots in piloting by controlling the parameters of the engine and the environment.

Paramotor computer

Smart PG is a set of sensors and a module that communicates with the „FFES Smart PG” application via BT.




– Engine speed measurement

– Ambient temperature measurement

– Head / radiator temperature measurement

– Exhaust gas temperature measurement (additional option)

– Fuel level measurement

– Measurement of engine operation time

– Height measurement from a designated point

– Measurement of the lift / fall rate

– Measurement of ground speed

– Measurement set/ traveled distance

– Measurement of overload acting on the pilot

– Reading wind speed and direction

– Reading the direction of the flight

– Navigation with the Google map

– Support Android and IOS system.




App for paramotorAndroid application for paraglider



Technical data:

technical data