Steam bath

What functions does the steam bath controller have?


  • Control of steam generator
  • Fan operation control
  • Switching on/off the lighting
  • Operation of aromatherapy dispenser
  • Temperature control with an accuracy of 1°C
  • Operating time control with an accuracy of 1 minute
  • Adjustable hysteresis value 1-6°C
  • Real time clock
  • Delayed activation of the sauna for up to 24 hours
  • Error modes
  • Sound signals
  • Thermal (fire) protection

We offer modern steam bath controllers – the best alternative to a traditional sauna. Such a bath, lined with ceramics and equipped with comfortable seats, meets the expectations of people who want to relax and avoid very high temperatures. The main source of heat in this case is a steam generator, thanks to which it is possible to reach a temperature of 40-46°C and very high air humidity.


Thanks to controllers for steam baths, you will be able to easily control the operation of the steam generator and the fan. What is more, they will allow you to accurately regulate the temperature and operating time, as well as operate the aromatherapy dispenser, switch on/off the lighting and take advantage of many other useful functions.