Sauna control units

FESS ZXX controller is a Polish product, designed to control the operation of the infrared, wet, dry saunas and a steam rooms. The task of controllers depending on the model is to control the operation of devices such as electric heater, infrared panels, steam generator, vaporizer, aromatherapy dispenser, fan, lighting. In richer versions available is to remote control and play music from a smartphone.



Sauna controller



Versions ZXXP support Combi heaters with vaporizer a power 3KW or 5KW.

Versions ZXXB support audio system

Versions ZXXW support remote control

Versions ZXX Smart home support smart home systems

The controller is a set of components consisting of the main unit, control panel and a temperature sensor.

The panels are available in two colors, white and black

White sauna control panelBlack sauna control panel

They are made of tempered glass, metal housing. Equipped with touch buttons and an OLED display with high contrast.


– Control of the heater

– Control of IR panels

– Control of the steam generator

– Control of fan

– Switching on / off lighting

– Support for aromatherapy dispenser

– Power control vaporizer

– Adjust the temperature to 1C

– Adjust the time with a precision of 1 minute

– Adjustable hysteresis 1-6C

– Real-time clock

– Delayed launch of the sauna to 24 hours

– Fault signal

– Sound signaling

– Thermal protection (fire)

– Play music

– Remote control by Android

Technical data: