Infrared sauna

What functions does the infrared sauna controller have?


  • Control of IR radiator operation
  • IR radiator power control
  • Fan operation control
  • Switching on/off the lighting
  • Operation of aromatherapy dispenser
  • Temperature control with an accuracy of 1°C
  • Operating time control with an accuracy of 1 minute
  • Adjustable hysteresis value 1-6°C
  • Real time clock
  • Delayed activation of the sauna for up to 24 hours
  • Error modes
  • Sound signals
  • Thermal (fire) protection

Infrared sauna controllers


The extremely popular solutions that you can find in our offer include controllers for the infrared sauna. It uses the infrared effect, thanks to which the entire room is not heated, but only the user’s body. In the infrared sauna, temperatures reach up to 60°C, which will be especially beneficial for those who do not like too much heat.


This type of sauna controllers are easy to use and extremely useful. They allow you to regulate the power of IR radiators, as well as control the operation of the fan or the aromatherapy dispenser. Thanks to them, you will set the ideal temperature in the sauna and gain the highest comfort and safety during use.



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