Dry sauna stoves

ELECTRIC STOVE for dry sauna FFES The Midi Glass


The FFES The Midi Glass heater is a series of heaters designed for dry (Finnish) saunas. The device is easy to use and operate. The construction of the device is based on durable materials – a combination of tempered glass with brushed stainless steel.

The stove, apart from its modern design, ensures the safety of users, the double casing used protects against burns. The whole will give each sauna a unique look. The stove is available in a hanging version, in three power variants.

Technical data

HeaterThe Midi Glass
Power / model4,5 kW6 kW9 kW
Power voltage400 V 3N 400 V 3N 400 V 3N
Connecting cable5 x 1,5 mm25 x 2,5 mm25 x 2,5 mm2
Protection3 x 10 A3 x 16 A3 x 16 A
External dimensions (H x W x D)543 x 395 x 259 mm543 x 395 x 259 mm543 x 395 x 259 mm
Capacity of stones20 kg20 kg20-30 kg
The volume of the sauna3 - 6 m35 - 9 m38 - 14 m3