ZXX series

Advantages of the ZXX series sauna controllers


The ZXX series sauna controllers enable easy setting and control of temperature, air humidity and other parameters. They allow the user to obtain excellent conditions in the sauna, tailored to his/her individual needs. Their most important advantages include:


  • functional LED display;
  • heavy-duty tempered glass panel;
  • housing made of acid-resistant steel;
  • small dimensions (166x114x33 mm);
  • two colours of the control panel for the sauna;
  • temperature sensors in wooden/metal housing.

ZXX series sauna control panels


ZXX is the basic series of sauna controllers – it has a high-class panel made of tempered glass and an OLED display, which shows the most important parameters set by the user.


There are basic models at your disposal (from Z00 to Z44) that allow you to control dry, wet and infrared saunas as well as steam baths with different parameters. There are also controllers with additional functions such as music in the sauna or remote control via the FFES Sauna application.


We adjust the ZXX series sauna controllers completely individually to each client and his/her sauna or steam bath. By investing in the controller, you will get a reliable, easy-to-use and aesthetic solution, which will allow you to maximise your comfort while using your sauna.

Technical Details

Supply Voltage3N~ 400V/50HZ lub 1N~ 230V/50Hz
Power consumption module + panels + sensor5W
Maximum load for the peripherals3x100W
Working temperature of the module, panel0 -60°C
Set temperatureBath 20-50 °C IR 30-60°C Stove 30-110°C
Stove+evaporator 30-65 °C
Set working time1min-20h
Delay Time1min-24h
Temperature Measurement0-127°C
Over temperature protectionStove: +125°C IR/Bath/Wet: +80 °C
Thermal fuse: 140 °C
Main module dimensions9KW/15KW: 248 x 198 x 116mm
22KW/30KW: 348 x 228 x 166mm
Ingress ProtectionIP65
Control panel dimensions166 x 114 x 33mm
Ingress ProtectionIP40
Temperature sensor dimensions / humidity60x40x25mm
AudioClass D amplifier 2x10W RMS 8Ω Bluetooth 3.0
Wi-Fi: Supported protocols:802.11 b/g/n, frequency 2.4GHz


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